Sex, Love, & Intimacy

We all crave it! ...but how many of us are living truly satisfied with our love lives? It seems so natural and easy to imagine gliding along on the magic of love forever, but how often does that happen? The truth is that intimacy takes being comfortable with ourselves and our relationships, and for some of us, that's an easy order to fill. We're comfortable with our bodies, we love sharing our thoughts and feelings, and we're not afraid of being abandoned or unloved by the people we care about.

But for a lot of us, it's not that simple. There are a million reasons why love may not come our way that easily. We may compare ourselves to others, wondering if we'll measure up, be cheated on or left because we're not smart or exciting enough. Many of us have difficulties trusting, maybe because we've been hurt, sexually abused, or seen so many relationships around us not working. It can be daunting.

Some of us have a hard time even getting to the starting line. We may have social anxieties that make dating nearly impossible, or have difficulty opening-up and talking to people. Some of us carry an STD, like Herpes, that makes us avoid dating out of shame and embarrassment.

Meanwhile, others of us have been in relationships that are so old and dry, or filled with tension and arguing, that we can't even imagine trying to rekindle a sense of closeness again. Many of us have been in marriages without touch and romance for so long, continually focused on our work or children, that we ask ourselves, "Do I even really want it anymore?"

Let's face it, love isn't always as easy as it looks in the movies! Whatever our reasons, finding love and intimacy may seem so impossible that we've practically given up. But if you've found your way to this page that means there's still a little spark in you that wants that wonderful, warm feeling of being loved and connected with someone special ...and that might also just mean that you're willing to go for it!

At GoVa Counseling we're committed to helping you find the magic in your love life again. Regardless of whether you're comfortable with your body and your right to enjoy sex, or you want to learn how to keep romance and fun in your marriage forever (yes, it can be done), or you're having difficulties overcoming issues with fidelity or anger that keep you and your partner on opposite sides of the bed, we can help!

Our dedicated counselors are ready to sit down and talk through your needs. Together we'll work collaboratively with you to bring all the love and satisfaction back into your life so you find yourself singing on your way to work again and encouraged that it really might just be another sunny day! So give us a call today.