Think You're Bipolar?

Are you known for your mood swings? One minute you're happy and smiling and the next your emotions have taken you on a 180 and you're crying, furious, or totally stressed out? Maybe you're saying and doing things because you feel so confused that you start thinking you're totally "bipolar"!?

Whether anger, sadness, anxiety, or a mix are your default emotions, keeping things stable can be challenging when you have
practically no control of your feelings and they often change at the drop of a dime ...and when you think it's hard enough to get a grip on your state of minds, it's practically impossible to explain yoursef to others.

But does having extreme mood swings mean we're really bipolar? And are the effects due to imbalances of hormones, brain chemicals, or genetics, or some mysterious force that makes us wonder if we're actually sane at times? They are all great questions and worth asking. But the most important question of all is, "Is there a way to change it, and if so, how?!"

Don't worry, at GoVa Counseling, we're on the same page - your page. We agree, feeling sane and in control of our emotions and behaviors is definitely a good goal. It's not something we should just "wish" for, but rather something we just are. And if you're not there already, we can definitely help!

We will help you explore where all of the "craziness" is coming from and what you have to do to fix it. Whether your emotions are related to past trauma or hardships, unresolved family tensions, or origins unknown, we have a dedicated team who will work with you to find the answers and make the changes you need so you have a happy and balanced life once and for all.

We offer psychiatric consultations if you believe you may benefit from medication and our helpful team will sit down and talk with you about your best options and what road to take to care for yourself.

For most of us, if we've been feeling "bipolar", we've been feeling that way for too long. It's exhausting! Our mission is for you to feel empowered to live your life according to your own design and not be led by the frustrating ambush of emotions that take you places that are so hard to come back from. At GoVa Counseling we want you to feel 100% confident, clear, and in control and our mission is to help you get there, no matter how simple or difficult those steps are. We're behind you 100% of the way and if you stick with us, we'll take you there!