Coping Skills

Coping Skills? Who doesn't need them?! They get us through everyday life, from taking a deep breath when one of your tires blows out, to giving ourselves a little pep-talk before a big exam, or even reminding ourselves that our mother-in-law is "just trying to be helpful" when she brings over another uninvited pot-roast.

Coping skills get us through the daily challenges that life presents as well as the significant events that pop-up on occasion. They're amazing tools to get us by when they're helpful and we all need and use them everyday, whether we know it or not. They stop us from saying things we'd regret later as well as managing our anxieties and tendencies to panic when we're in stressful situations. They can help us stay focused, organized, and self-disciplined, and they can help us with handling stress and coming to terms with important issues such as accepting difficult changes or the loss of a loved one.

Are You Using Good Coping Skills or Bad Coping Skills?

Sometimes the coping skills we're using aren't the really the best. We may have learned to react to stress by binging on food or blaming others when we lose our confidence. We may get overly frustrated and say things we shouldn't. Coping skills come in all shapes and sizes and although there are many wonderful ones out there to use, there are a few we could honestly do without.

In addition, sometimes, no matter how many ways we try to cope with our feelings or situation it may not be enough. At times our issues may have a little more depth than a coping skill can cover and we may find it harder than we imagined to get through those. It's the circumstances that don't seem to go away on their own, the ones where we're left feeling unresolved, with lingering anxiety, depression, or uncertainty of how our future will be that may require more than just the use of some good coping skills.

At GoVa Counseling, we recognize exactly how important it is for all of us to cope well with life. We know the value of feeling healthy on the inside, as well as on the outside. We want you to have both. Come on in and get to know us. We understand how important it is to be happy and able to manage the turns of life successfully! Whatever your situation may be, no matter how long-standing or sudden, how impossible or overwhelming, we can help. Call us and with a little help we'll get you exactly where you want to go
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