Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgendered

No matter how comfortable we may be with our gender and sexual orientation being bi, gay/lesbian, or transgendered has likely brought up a few issues some time along the way. For many people, the coming out process is, or was, the biggest hurdle, while for others it's been all that followed. Managing work and lifestyle choices, maintaining important relationships, creating a health family, and caring for our health are just some of the common issues we all have to navigate.

No matter what our circumstances, or who we are, becoming aware of our own needs and feelings and feeling safe to explore them with the people we feel closest to is a very important factor to our happiness. It should never be that we fear losing an important relationship in our efforts to be true to ourselves.

Whether that involves unraveling complex feelings with a significant other or family member, working through trust and intimacy issues with someone we care about, or going after something in life that others may question, we must recognize our inherent need to be happy and the importance of making space for ourselves in our own lives.

Identifying and resolving these types of issues takes time and patience and our ability to talk openly with someone we feel comfortable with, and who has the experience to help us, without judgement or expectation, is an important right we all deserve.

Often times it's not even being gay that's necessarily the issue, but rather having someone we can talk to, who understands gay culture and some of the possible challenges we may go through in being a same-sex couple, or dealing with the our families dynamics, or wanting to raise our kids in the best way we know how.

At GoVa Counseling we know that everyone one of us has relationship challenges, whether it be over managing our finances, establishing our roles and boundaries with others, finding a way to get our partners to listen, our psychologists believe that everyone deserves the right to have open and supportive counseling, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity and we appreciate the opportunity to care for you like family.