Abandonment Issues & Fears of Rejection

Having abandonment issues can be really tough. We want so much to be in a happy, trusting relationship and feel free and good about ourselves ...and yet every time things seem like they're heading in that direction we panic. We begin fearing that the one person we've finally found to love us isn't going to stick around. We worry that they'll find our faults, or someone better, and they'll disappear. Our gut starts to say, "Oh no! You know where things are headed! Everything that matters is about to come crashing down and your life going to be a terrible, lonely place all over again".

...and so we panic, and get desperate, and do desperate things. Foolish things that only make things worse.

Some of us begin sabotaging our relationships, pushing them to end to spare ourselves the agony of waiting for, what we imagine to be, their inevitable doom. We do things like drink excessively or cheat for no apparent reason. Others of us get clingy, needing reassurance and extra time dedicated to us from the person we're with. We may become jealous, vulnerable, and angry and develop fears of rejection and abandonment. We become distrustful and confused by our own thoughts and action and even begin to feel "bipolar", going back and forth between being clingy and distant. The worst part is that while our anxieties are making us miserable and crazy they also begin to drive away our partners. We watch our whole world crumble in a downward spiral and we feel more and more helpless to rescue it.

But guess what?!

Our relationships don't have to end up that way and we don't have to feel like we're messing up everything important in our lives. We don't have to feel out of control. At GoVa Counseling we understand this relationship process and what our fears of abandonment can do to us.

The good news is that we can help you fix things! Our team is 100% dedicated to helping you feel comfortable and clear about your worth while you develop the security to know when a relationship is really working and when it's not. We'll team up with you to help you learn just how to work through your fears of being abandoned or trapped in a relationship that just doesn't meet your needs. We'll help you get on track to knowing exactly when and how to maintain that special relationship that brings you the lasting happiness you've always craved and how to feel great about yourself all along the way! At GoVa Counseling we are dedicated to you and we care. If you stick with us we'll get you exactly where you want to go!