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Being a Part of a Family and Why Family Counseling Matters...

Remember the day you caught your first fish or made your first goal, the day your mom helped you pull your first pie out of the oven, or you beat your big sister at Monopoly! We all reflect on cherished times spent together ...board games at the kitchen table, watermelon seed spitting contests, boogie boarding with our family at the beach. Some of us have millions of memories filled with sunny days and lot of fun, while others of us, not so much.

For half of us, thinking about our families brings a warm smile to our faces and a little thump in our hearts, while for others it may just put knots in our stomachs and make us want to run. As much as we may feel encouraged by our childhood stories, there may have been issues in our families that made us less trustful or shaped our self-esteem and personalities. They may have influenced the ways we now communicate in relationships or made us develop fears of being ignored or mistreated by the very people we care about the most. As a result, we may end up feeling lost and lonely, have difficulty trusting others and feeling safe in relationships, or find ourselves getting into fights and arguments when we don't want to.

Our family lives have a bigger impact on us than we think. For good or bad, they shape us into who we are today. And who we are today is ultimately what determines our happiness. For some of us it's not our childhoods that cause us problems, but rather our current family lives that are causing us stress. Often we don't know what went wrong, we just know things aren't right ... and although we want to change things, we don't know how. It's hard to be a part of an unhappy family. It compromises our ability to venture out and enjoy life, feel fulfilled, and be free.

At GoVa Counseling we'd like to help you unravel the frustrating tangle your family has found itself in. We know it takes the special expertise of caring professionals, the best psychologists we can find, to solve the mysteries of how a family functions, and we're dedicated to helping you do so, regardless of how many, or few, people are willing to join you in therapy. Although the more the better, one of the beauties of family therapy is that even if only one person wants to change things, it's still possible to get help.

At GoVa Counseling our psychologists are carefully trained to understand the complex ways that families work. We recognize that each person has a unique perspective and we're ready to help you decode the dynamics that occur between the many personalities in your life. You'll find it rewarding to understand what's going on as well as how to mend it. So trust us and come in! We're ready to help. If you want your family healthier, whether for your own peace of mind, or for your children's, come in and start working with our team and we'll get you there!