Addicted to...

The truth is, we all want to feel good
about who we are and how we live ...and when we believe in our capabilities and feel comfortable in our own skin we're more anchored and confident. We trust ourselves and the world around us.

But life can be challenging, and when it does it can shake our ability to stay on track, make the right choices, and handle what's in front of us. It's during these times that we can lose hope and our ability to make good decisions ...because, ultimately, on the deepest level, we fear that life will get bad and stay that way and inevitably we'll be helpless to change our fate.

So what do we do?

We either indulge in temporary pleasures, things that lift us up and away from our problems, a box of doughnuts, a few spins at the slot machine, a shopping spree, a round of cocktails or prescription drugs ... or we simply throw in the towel and give up, sabotaging whatever chance we have for things to get better. Why? Because ultimately we believe that life really never will get better, and besides, even if it could, we don't have what it would take to really change it. The problem is, that no matter the choice, either path leaves us feeling even more discouraged, alone, and helpless.

At GoVa Counseling we understand how easily we can find ourselves derailed and know just how hard it is to find our way back onto tracks that make us feel rewarded and optimistic. We know that for all of us, living life off those tracks prevents us from doing our best and shining. At GoVa Counseling we want to help you find the thing that's been keeping you from your happiness and help you get back on track!

We have a supportive and dedicated team who understand the complexities of having an addiction and the frustrations of not being able to shake it. We recognize the many implications it can have in your health, finances, and relationships (even with yourself), and we are committed to help you resolve these.

We know that inside each and every one of us there's a special will to live and that it's always there. We can help you find it. Call us to let our caring team help you find your way back onto the tracks of the life you truly want to live, for you ...because you're truly worth it!