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We proudly participate with most major insurance plans, including: Aetna, Cigna, BlueCross, BlueCard Hawaii, Hawaii Mainland Administrators or HMAHMAA & HWMG , HMSA, HMSA-QUEST,  Optum/TriCare , and UHA .
Many people today don't realize that they are eligible for mental health counseling services through their regular health insurance plan. Although there are a few plans offered by insurance companies that offer limited coverage (i.e. "Catastophic"), most insurances cover all mental health counseling visits, as long as they're provided by a licensed psychologist in that state. Assuming your plan is a typical plan with conventional limits, it will be up to your mental health professional (psychologist or psychiatrist) to determine the number of visits and length of time you are eligible for treatment, not your insurance plan.
So if you feel there are important things to work on in your life, don't hesitate to discuss them with your psychologist because they will be able to collaborate with you on the amount of visits you need to help you feel completely ready, back on your feet, and in a healthy state of mind! At GoVa Counseling, our goal is never to rush you out the door, but rather to help you feel at ease to work through each important issue on your plate so that you feel empowered and healthy to live the best life for you!
We also offer cash-pay options for those who prefer not to use their health insurance plan or do not participate with a health insurance. For this option we take credit card, personal checks, and cash at the time of visit. Call us to talk to one of our billing specialists today if you would like to make an appointment or verify your insurance/payment options.
We look forward to seeing you!