Couples and Marriage Counseling   


Finding the Best Couples/Marriage Counselor for You!

We know that when things get a little shaky you want the best couples/marriage counselor on your side because being in a relationship can be one of the most satisfying experiences in the world! At GoVa Counseling our couples counselors work hard to help you bring back that longed for laughter and tenderness with your special someone, because that's your lover and best friend ... and sharing that love is a truly wonderful thing! In fact, being in-love, and feeling loved by someone, are some of life's greatest pleasures and it keeps us healthy and thriving too!

The truth is, even the best couples may need to see a counselor from time-to-time. Why? Because sometimes small issues get in-between a couple or marriage and slowly start to accumulate over time. Often as couples we find the love we shared somehow slipped away or was replaced with resentment, blame, or loneliness. As the gap grows bigger and we find ourselves feeling helpless and desperate to save things, but without the right help the problems only get worse. That's why couples/marriage counseling is so important ...and finding the best couples/marriage counselor for your needs is even more so! It's important to help our special relationships thrive when they need it the most because with them we are happier, grounded, and more fulfilled! 

What happened to, "Being together was the best feeling in the world"?!

The disruption of a relationship is a complex process that chips away little-by-little at the closeness shared between two people. It doesn't happen overnight. Often we find in couples and marriage counseling that as we start losing that feeling of connection we replace it with even less trust and harmony than before. Even though it was the best feeling being a couple, we now find ourselves arguing, feeling critical or criticized, or very alone, without knowing exactly why. That's why finding the best couples/marriage counselor for you is important. Whether you're looking for a couples/marriage counselor or therapist for the both of you, or just someone to talk to about issues you're having in your marriage or relationship, at GoVa Counseling we're here to help!

How can a marriage or couples counselor help?

There are many factors to couples/marriage counseling, but commonly, one or the other couple (or both) fear some sense of loss in the relationship and react to these feelings. One partner may try to protect themselves by distancing or focusing on things outside the relationship like work, friends, hobbies, or even the children, while the other partner becomes critical, nagging, or needy because they don't feel valued anymore.

Sometimes one person cheats and has an affair or develops a shopping habit or drinking problem that makes everything worse. This process can happen over a very short period of time or over many years, but the end result is the same - a gap that just grows bigger and bigger and harder to mend between you as a couple.

To stay close and feel valued by one another requires understanding and work as a team. It means being able to talk openly and honestly, which few couples sometimes do. And let's face it, rebuilding a relationship can seem daunting, even impossible, even for the most committed couples. So if you're wondering if a couples/marriage counselor can really help, you're not alone. They can. It's hard to imagine how you'll ever get back the love and magic that was once between you, but believe it or not, you can!

Is it worth it?

Well, if we agree that healthy relationships are gratifying, whether it be with our partners, our kids, or our friends, then learning to create trust and develop really helpful listening and communication skills, as well as becoming great at both giving and receiving support, are all excellent relationship assets to have. A couples or marriage counselor helps us learn how to interact and communicate in ways that directly translate to our friendships, our children and parents, and even our work relationships! So marriage or couples counseling, even though it may be difficult, will model hope to our kids and give us new skills to be better parents, friends, and even employees as well as being happier as a couple overall.

At GoVa Counseling we know that whether you’re coming in on your own, or with your partner, our couples or marriage counselors can help you better understand yourself and the things that make your relationships thrive! They will also teach you how to change the patterns that have brought on unwanted conflict in your life so you know how to rebuild relationships that feel really good to be in. We won't say it's easy work every step of the way, but the results are certainly worth it! Being heartbroken or angry that your relationship didn't work out when deep down, beyond all the hurt, you really wanted it to, is a terrible way to live. Let us help you become empowered to find out what's going wrong and fix it. At GoVa Counseling we know that the relationships in our lives are what make us shine and it's worth taking care of them! So give us a call today because we're here to help.

   A Couples/Marriage Counselor Can Help With:

  • Being Able to Resolve Problems and Talk Together
  • Rekindling Fun, Romance and Emotional Intimacy
  • Creating Sexual Intimacy and Passion
  • Developing or Rebuilding Trust and Becoming a Team Again