Anger & Resentment

Feeling angry is exhausting. It not only takes up our productive energy, but it greatly limits our ability to be happy in all the important aspects of our lives. Obviously it's normal for all of us to get upset occasionally, but if we find ourselves angry all the time, or have difficulty letting go of resentments, then we become a victim to our own anger, and ironically, to the very people or events that wronged us. We actually become emotional hostages to our own distress.

Eventually, if this goes on for too long, we start to feel resentful and frustrated that we're always resentful and frustrated. Slowly, we realize that we're helpless to our feelings and the toll it's taking on our lives.

In fact, many of us almost forget how to be happy. We realize that somewhere along the way life just stopped being fun and that we've become bitter and drained. Not everyone ofcourse. Others of us are still typically content, but when something gets under our skin, our anger flares and we're overtaken with such rage and emotions that we lose control and say and do things that make us look and feel crazy. We may even think we're bipolar.

So how do we break out of this cycle?

Most of us have tried all sorts of things, from anger management classes, to focusing on all "positives" in our lives, and even deep breathing exercises. Betcha what? They haven't worked. Not because they're not great coping skills, but because without resolving what we're really angry about, we're left carrying around a big burden of yuck that remains unresolved.

So how do we break the anger cycle you ask? We develop a sense of inner protection from what's harmed us and learn to let go ...not to forget or excuse what's happened ...but to take back our lives.

Sound impossible? It's not. At GoVa Counseling we consider this the empowerment to feel healthy and capable of living your life ...for you! ...the way you want it ...with a sense of peace, better sleep, the ability to take deep breaths and start laughing again. You deserve that. We all do.

How long have those days been for you?

For many of us, our anger started far back before any one incident occured and it's mark has stayed in our hearts longer than we can remember. If it's been more than two or three days that you've been angry, it's been too long. At GoVa Counseling we know just how precious life is and we want to help you get back in your groove and have that sunny lift in your step that you once felt. Whether its learning to recover from an affair, healing from a traumatic event, or finding a way to shake the resentment that seems to have moved into your life like a unwanted guest, we can help. At GoVa Counseling we're committed to your happiness and if you trust us, we'll get you exactly where you want to go. Our team is dedicated to your needs, and if you work with us, we'll have you on your way to enjoying life again in no time.