Honolulu Psychologists providing Individual Counseling 


Wow, so here you are!

For most, embarking on a path of healing and change is a courageous step. It takes a leap of faith to trust someone. And let’s be honest, exploring those parts of our lives that even we have difficulty thinking about is not the easiest thing to do ...but hopefully in no time you’ll feel safe and comfortable to express your thoughts and feelings and realize that you’ve got lots of support behind you.

You see, at GoVa Hawaii's Counseling Center our psychologist will work side-by-side, collaboratively with you to ensure that therapy fits perfectly to your needs. In our book there is no right or wrong and we want you to feel absolutely safe to open-up and talk about topics as you're ready.

To us, it's important that you never feel judged, no matter how confusing your feelings may feel, even to you. Our talks may be filled with laughter and crying, venting and moments of “Ah-ha”, but no matter what, our psychologists want you to feel that there is always kindness and support waiting for you in our sessions, and that you are never alone.

Our goal is to have you develop a deep sense of empowerment in yourself and have ownership of your life. Our psychologists want you to feel solid and capable every step of the way so you're continually stronger than you were before. And with patience, hopefully you will begin to feel that your difficulties are manageable and that you have the skills to get through whatever comes your way.

Sometimes its hard to know where to start. You may feel overwhelmed or question whether your problems are worth talking about. We all go through that. They are worth talking about. So take a deep breath and go for it. You’re worth it!

What Can We Offer You at GoVa Counseling?

Many people wonder how they'll be able to find the best psychologist to meet their unique and specific needs. At GoVa Counseling our psychologists work with individuals of every age, including children and teens, as well as couples and families. We search to find the best psychologists in Hawaii so that we know we're meeting your needs perfectly. At GoVa Counseling our team is committed to your happiness, whether you're mending your marriage, worried about your kids, or just in need of some TLC for yourself, our caring staff is only a phone call away and you'll soon see how nice it is to have the genuine support of people who really understand and can help!

On this website you will find a variety of topics that are meant to help you learn a little more about issues you may have on your mind. You'll also see that we offer a variety of treatment modalities from individual counseling, couples and marriage counseling, family therapy,  counseling for teens  and specialized child psychology. We also offer a variety of fun therapy groups and workshops to help you live a terrific life! We are dedicated to providing you the highest rated level of care, from the best psychologists in Hawaii.

Our philosophy? Whatever you're facing, you don't have to tell yourself to live with it because you don't have to. Whether you're looking for individual counseling, couples or marriage counseling, support for your child or teen, or even the entire family, you've come to the right place. And there isn't a more perfect place to start than with yourself, because you are the center of your world, as you should be, and you deserve all the loving care that's out there waiting for you! It is in our ability to help ourselves so that we can help those we love! Don't wait give us a call today .