A Message from Dr. Edie Vajda a Honolulu Psychologist

Talking about things that are going wrong in our lives shouldn't feel like a chore or a journey of a 1000, soul-searching questions - not in my book! I believe it should be fun and easy and just exactly the thing you should be doing for yourself ...so you feel great and you love living your life!

There is nothing more important than you being happy to walk through our doors, feeling welcomed and appreciated, like you're coming over to your best friend's house for a morning cup of coffee or a sunny, afternoon chat. At GoVa Counseling we think talking should feel natural and refreshing, even when its about hard stuff, and we want you to walk away each time with a little lift in your step and the confidence to know that things will be alright. Our goal is for you to see that ultimately there's hope after all and that you've got some great friends on your side, helping you get exactly where you want to go!

You see, at GoVa Counseling we really tailor our focus to fit you and your needs. It doesn't matter whether it's a situation that's new or a long-standing problem that seems impossible to fix, it's important that you feel taken care of and 100% supported by our team. We work hard to offer you the best psychologists Hawaii has to offer so you get the top level of care, combined with lots of compassion and TLC. People often give us a try after they've been to all kinds of doctors and therapists and feel like nothing has really helped. We're not easily intimidated. We'll be honest and give you advice while we help you find the answers - and we'll collaborate with you each step of the way so you feel empowered and confident to live your life exactly how you want it.

Our philosophy?

To us therapy is like digging an old weed out of the garden. Our goal is to help you get it out by the roots so it doesn't end up coming back again. We want you feel like you can finally move on, freely enjoying your life the way you've always wanted to live it. We'll hang in there with you through the tough times and the good, cheering you on as you feel more successful and better about what you've accomplished. So if you're looking for couples or marriage counseling, a family therapist, or individual counseling for you or someone you care about, give us a call today! At GoVa Counseling we're dedicated to sticking it out with you no matter what challenges you face. We'll do it together, and with a little collaboration and trust, we'll take you there!